YUWELL YU300 1L-7L Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Concentration 91%±3%, Meet More Oxygen Demand, Free Delivery

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Three-dimensional noise reduction design, high-performance spring shock absorption, noise is less than 43dB, does not affect rest and sleep use.
Applicable crowd: suitable for the elderly, students, office workers, pregnant women and other people with short-term hypoxia such as busy work, overwork, and memory loss.
7L can adjust the large flow oxygen output, 8-stage filtration system, pure oxygen output; long standby time, can supply oxygen continuously for 48 hours.
Main functions: skin care, improve blood circulation, improve concentration, alertness and memory, strengthen the immune system, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, accelerate body recovery after recovery, help relax, and naturally treat headaches, migraines and hangovers.
Large touch screen display, intelligent voice function, timing function, negative ion purification function.

Rated voltage: AC200-220V 50Hz
Input power: 130VA
Oxygen concentration: 1L/min-90%(±3)
Oxygen output: 1-7L/min
Inhalation: simple ear-hook breathing equipment or nasal breathing
Oxygen absorption method: molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption method (PSA)
Operation mode: touch screen 
Working noise: 43dB (A)
Size: 30*19*28cm
Shell material: ABS
Weight: 6kg

Packing list:
1 oxygen generator
1 X oxygen tube
1 x headset oxygen inhaler
1 X remote control
1 X oxygen mask
1 X filter felt

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