Oxygen Concentrator, White Stylish 3L Atomizedreal-time Display,Including India shipping

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The oxygen concentration sensor displays the real-time oxygen concentration, so you can clearly understand the oxygen concentration during use, the oxygen supply of the machine is stable, and the effective oxygen concentration meets the standard.
Intelligent human-computer interaction, remote control and touch dual operation, body LED display, so that you can clearly understand the working status of the machine during the day, the display backlight can be adjusted, and will not disturb your sleep at night.
The professional atomization function that can meet these two needs at the same time can be atomized without leaving the house, which saves time and reduces the risk of cross-infection. Oxygen absorption and atomization are correct.
Features: Simple operation, low noise, light and portable, easy to use, easy to move, suitable for all short-term hypoxic people, do not need to go to the hospital frequently.
Function: Improve blood circulation, enhance immunity, skin care, help relax, naturally treat headaches, migraines and hangovers.
One-button appointment timing, intelligently adjust the oxygen inhalation time, touch the positive and negative timing, freely set the oxygen inhalation time, the button adjustment is simple and convenient.
This machine has a cleaning reminder function, a movable filter felt and a regular cleaning function, which can effectively prevent the effect of reducing oxygen production due to clogging of the air inlet.
This machine adopts the design of an external humidification box, which can prevent the formation of condensed water in a humid environment from entering the machine and affecting the normal service life of the machine.

Size: 35x18.5x49cm
Power: 380VA
Oxygen flow rate: 1~5L/min adjustable
Main raw material: UOP molecular sieve
Noise: 48dB (A)
Oxygen concentration: 93%±3% at 0.5-3L/min
Accessories: 1. Humidifier, 2. Nasal oxygen tube, 3. Air pipe, 4. Atomizer cup, 5. Filter felt, 6. Fuse tube, 7. Duckbill, 8. remote control

Safety summary
Oxygen is the combustion-supporting gas. Do not smoke when using. Keep it away from light sources and all flammable sources.
Explosive materials to avoid fire hazards.

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