3LProfessional Oxygen Concentrator,Atomized Oxygen Inhaler For Children Elderly,Including India shipping

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Dual-effect molecular sieve continuous oxygen supply, more stable oxygen output, grade stable and sustainable oxygen supply, dual-use oxygen generation and atomization, can be switched at will
Intelligent 8-inch large touch screen, LED display, real-time grasp of changes in oxygen concentration, real-time voice broadcast, simple operation
Adopt sound-absorbing design and high-performance shock-absorbing design and operation, and use high-efficiency air-intake filter and layer-by-layer filtration to let you sleep peacefully surrounded by pure oxygen
Features: simple operation, low noise, light and portable, easy to use, easy to move, suitable for all short-term hypoxia people do not need to go to the hospital often.
Features: Improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, skin care, help relax, naturally treat headaches, migraine and hangovers.
Oxygen concentration: 35% ~ 90%
Running noise: 38db
Display control: High definition touch screen remote control
Oxygen output: 1L ~ 6L (adjustable)
Remote control distance: 4 ~ 6 meters
Oxygen production method: molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption (PSA)
Input power: 120VA
Product size: 350x220x320mm
Inhalation: mask type/nasal suction type
Rated voltage: AC22O ± 15V5O ± 1HZ
Applicable people: middle-aged and elderly, children, pregnant women, adults, adolescents
Application scenarios: , , travel

1.8-stage filtration, layer-by-layer filtration, 1 ~ 6L oxygen flow adjustment, to obtain high purity oxygen
2. Ergonomic handle groove design, more convenient to move
3.LED display, real-time grasp of changes in oxygen concentration, the elderly can also easily operate
4.Ultra-fine filter, easy to remove and change, can be reused after drying, clean once every 2 months

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