2L/min Oxygen Generator, 95% Portable Home Oxygen Machine Oxygen Therapy Including India shipping

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Intelligent sterilization function, atomization function, multi-function, long battery life, large LED screen display, more convenient to use
Applicable people: suitable for short-term hypoxic people such as working, tired, memory loss elderly, students, workers, pregnant women and so on.
Quiet design, low decibel operation, high efficiency air intake filter can improve the oxygen quality, let you fall asleep peacefully surrounded by pure oxygen
The main functions are as follows: skin care, improve blood circulation, improve concentration, alertness and memory, strengthen the immune system, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, accelerate the recovery of the body after recovery, help relax, and naturally treat headaches, migraines and hangovers .
The oxygen generator supports two functions: oxygen absorption and atomization. It uses a filter device to filter dust, hair, impurities, bacteria, etc. in the air.
Product name: oxygen generator
Size: 40x36x16.5cm
Principles of oxygen production: molecular  sieves pressure swing adsorption
Oxygen flow: 1L / min-3L / min
Rated voltage: -220V50HZ
Input power: 200VA
Output pressure: 40kpa ± 4kpa
Oxygen concentration: 93% ± 3% (* 2L flow state)
Applicable people: middle-aged and elderly, children, pregnant women, adults, adolescents

How to make oxygen
1. Press the power switch on the back of the body to turn on the oxygen generator; all the contents on the display are on. (The power indicator light is always on, the alarm indicator light turns on after turning on the power switch, and then goes off after 2 seconds.)
2. Wait for 2 seconds to display the accumulated usage time (the total time of oxygen inhalation and atomization); wait for 2 seconds to enter the oxygen generation and standby mode (default oxygen generation mode)
3. In the oxygen generation standby mode, enter the oxygen generation mode
4. After the oxygen production starts, adjust the flow meter
5. When the flowmeter is in a stable state, bring a nasal oxygen tube and start to inhale oxygen
6. Press the start / stop button to stop oxygen generation. When entering the timer mode, if the timer has not expired, press the start / stop button to stop oxygen generation and return to the oxygen generation standby mode.
7. Press the power switch on the back of the body to turn off the oxygen generator
8. Unplug the power cord from the power outlet
9. Unplug the power cord from the power connector of the oxygen generator

The manual measurement error of the product is 1 to 3 cm, which is normal.
Due to the difference between light and display, all images of the product are physical, normal colors
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