Oxygen Concentrator, 93% Medical Portable Output of 2L-9L / Including India shipping

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Oxygen flow: 2-9L / min adjustable oxygen concentration: 93 ± 3%, Noise Level: ≤45db (A), weight: 10kg.
Product size: 370 (L) * 190 (W) * 410 (H) mm, Working temperature: 10 ℃ -40 ℃, humidity: 30% -75%, Air pressure: 860hPa ~ 1060hPa.
Support continuous oxygen, support for 2 people breathe oxygen at the same time, can continuously work 24 hours, excellent filter performance, silent design enjoyable.
High performance: The oxygen flow rate may be adjusted as needed werden.Die high concentration receives the health, is negative ions that cleans air and directs the heat efficiently from, whereby the life of the machine is prolonged ..
Use amount: the elderly, children, pregnant women, patients with respiratory diseases, etc., low noise, does not affect the family rest, very suitable for families, using travel.
Product size: 370mm (L) * 190mm (W) * 410mm (H)
Voltage: AC220V;50Hz
Power consumption: 150VA
Oxygen purity: 93% ± 2%
Oxygen Flow: 1-3L / min adjustable
Inhalation method: Suitable for both masks and nasal breathing devices
Noise: ≤45db (A)
Output pressure: 50-150KPa
Barometer: 860hPa ~ 1060hPa
Operating temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Humidity: 30% -75%
Sate ID: colorless, no smell, can help to burn
Weight: 10 kg
Display Control: LCD screen