Oxygen Concentr-ator ,Portable Oxygen Machine Air Flow 1-5L Adjust Safety Output Home/Travel Air Purifier With Remote Control

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▶Features: Improve blood circulation, enhance immunity, skin care, help relax, naturally treat headaches, migraines and hangovers.
▶Features: simple operation, low noise, light and portable, easy to use, easy to move, suitable for all people with short-term hypoxia, and do not need to go to the hospital frequently.
▶Support continuous oxygen supply, can work continuously for 8 hours, dual excellent filtration performance, quiet design is more comfortable.
▶Oxygen flow rate: 1L/min-5L/min adjustable, oxygen concentration: 60%~96% (1L: 90-96%; 2L: 80%, 3L: 60%) Appr, noise level: ≤54db.
▶Bacterial filter oxygen/power failure alarm is safer, the oxygen concentration is higher, and it is equipped with a bright LED screen, which is the most cost-effective source of oxygen therapy.
Working noise level: ≤54db (A);
Size: 280 * 180 * 340mm;
Net weight: 6.5kg;
Input power: 100W
Inhalation method: It is convenient to wear a mask, respirator or nasal breathing
Oxygen concentration: 60%~96% (1L: 90-96%; 2L: 80%; 3L: 60%)
Adjustable oxygen flow rate: 1-5L/min
Continuous operation time up to 8 hours
Rated voltage: 220V;
Display control: LED display touch screen control
Remote control (distance: 10 meters, 360°)
Technology: oxygen generator using PSA technology (PSA: pressure swing adsorption)
Ambient temperature: 5°C-40°C
Reduce maintenance: easy to replace the filter every 1-2 years

1 X oxygen concentrator
1 X remote control

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