Freestanding 78L Cigar Humidor Cabinet With Glass Door/Concealed Handle/Cedar Wood Shelf For 400-600 Cigars For Home/Office/Kitchen/Bar

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●Ideal temperature and humidity control: The touch screen is used to control the semiconductor for low temperature and humidity control, providing a stable temperature and humidity environment for the cigar, and the cigar after being purified will exude a unique charm.
●Special material: All boundless tempered glass is used, which is wear-resistant and easy to clean. It can isolate ultraviolet rays to a certain extent and reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the quality of cigars.
●Low noise: low decibel mute, quiet and undisturbed. Smart touch panel, showing extraordinary artistic sense. is a status symbol.
●Design: 360-degree air cooling, no frost, intelligent constant temperature and humidity environment, energy-saving dual-core dual-core heat dissipation, negative ions purify the internal air, Spanish cedar wood shelves emit natural smell and fragrance to prevent cigars from breeding insects.
●Parameters and commitments: safety door lock. The capacity is 78L. The temperature is 12-22 degrees Celsius. The voltage is 220V. It is a wonderful gift for the holidays. If there is any problem with our products, please contact us as soon as possible.
A, can store about 400 cigars
B, can store about 600 cigars
C, can store 11 bottles + 300 cigars

About refrigeration and humidification system
This cigar cabinet uses compressor technology to control temperature and humidity through an automatic humidification system.
This humidor provides the best temperature and humidity for the cigar, so that the cigar will not be adversely affected throughout the maturation cycle. Avoid excessive drying, cigar bugs, etc.

Body size: W40 x D50 x H81cm
Gross weight: 26kg
Storage capacity: 400-600 cigars (78 liters)
Adjustable temperature range: 12-23℃
High precision temperature stability (+/- 1℃)
High precision humidity stability (+/- 1.5%)
4 pieces of Spanish cedar wood shelves/drawers

1. Spanish cedar drawers can be adjusted freely.
2. For complete maintenance and operation instructions, please refer to the product manual.
3. Please do not put the refrigerator on its side or upside down. Place the refrigerator horizontally for at least two hours. To ensure the normal operation of the refrigerator compressor.
4. The best storage environment for cigars is 60.8-68°F (temperature) and 60-70% (humidity). We recommend the DOUBLE 70 condition to maintain the best texture of the cigar.
5. It can be used in offices, living rooms, hotels and clubs, but it is not recommended to use it in bedrooms. Because we are afraid that the 38 decibel humidor will disturb your rest.

After receiving the cigar cabinet, please let it stand for 24 hours before turning on the electricity.

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