Electric Abdominal Exercise Machine Electric Horse Riding Machine Shake Vibration Abdominal Fitness Exercise Machine with Safety Switch Loss Weight Fitness Trainer

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✔ Horse riding can be used to experience horse riding at home. We simulate horse riding through 3D technology. The mechanical structure of the 5-axis operation mimics horse riding, allowing the muscles to move quickly and burn excess fat
✔ The base is a strong suction cup during exercise, no jitter, no noise, no damage to the floor. You can exercise your jitters. The roller design enhances the feel
✔ Bluetooth connection / USB interface, high-fidelity sound, follow the rhythm of music, bring a happy mood to the sport, enjoy fitness
✔ Vibration speed adjustment 20 files, 3 automatic degrees, more choices, more accurate results. Choose the right equipment for your own situation
✔ LED display, touch type. Using the illuminating technology, you can see and adjust the body shape during exercise. The saddle pad is suitable for the hip curve, the sitting posture is full of elasticity, and the experience is better
Name: horse riding machine
Model: SND-M1
Voltage: 220V power: 200W
Color: Black/Silver
Gear: 20 gear
Material: high quality steel
Weight: 44KG
Load weight: 150KG
Product size: 88*45*74cm
Suitable location: living room, balcony. Bedroom, office
Perfect for office workers, people who need sports
Package included:
1* horse riding machine