Cigar Mellow Box Cedar Wooden Moisturizing Cabinet Baking Varnish Box Large Capacity Double Storage Cigar Accessories

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【Environmental protection material】 The humidor is made of non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly materials, with exquisite workmanship and delicate texture. The inner cedar plank naturally mellows the cigar and retains its natural aroma.
【Cigar Storage】The humidor simulates the natural storage environment, so that the deliciousness of the cigars is kept in an appropriate state, without mold or cracking, and long-term storage without losing the aroma.
【High Quality Humidor】External painted patterns, internal cedar wood layers, each manual grinding process requires a lot of manual input and a long production process. Every humidor's work stems from the insistence on quality.
【Exquisite Design】 The cigar box has high gloss on the surface, exquisite paint, and interior hollow partition storage design, which can meet the partition storage of a variety of different tastes of cigars. Convenient cigar storage to better protect your cigars.
【Made products with heart】 We use good products to express our love for cigar culture, convey our enthusiasm for cigar lovers, and thank customers for their recognition and affirmation of our brand, so that you can be touched every time you use it.
Why choose our humidor?
In addition to the need for a constant temperature, humidity and oxygen-containing environment for cigar aging, cigars have a certain absorbency,
It can absorb the scent of the surrounding environment, using a humidor lined with Spanish cedar wood, and the cedar wood itself
The oily aroma of the cigar is strong, making the cigar taste mellow.
Cigar cabinet attributes
Product name: cigar box
Shelf material: Cedar wood
Style: retro and simple
Product size: 348mm*248mm*160mm

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