Haier HA105 1-7L/min flow rate Oxygen Concentrator, continuous oxygen supply for 48 hours, including Indian freight

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Efficiently extract oxygen from the air, 93%±3% oxygen concentration, 7L/min oxygen output
Eight-stage filtration system, new upgraded layers of filtration increase the purity of oxygen, so that every breath of oxygen is pure
The newly upgraded surround air duct design, the longer air duct forms a resistance-like muffler, the sound is greatly reduced, and the noise is as low as 40 decibels, which greatly improves the comfort during oxygen inhalation.
Pure copper oil-free compressor, prolong the fatigue life, 3000 minutes of continuous work, core technology to create a healthy life
Micron atomization, 
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Flow range: 1-7L
Input power: 120W
Oxygen concentration: 93% soil 3%
Working system: continuous operation
Net weight: 5.5kg
Processing method: 6-8 level filter system
Product volume: 210 * 215*305mm