93% Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Atomized Negative Ion Function/Easy To Move/ Household Oxygen Therapy

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Flow regulator-mechanical regulator is easy to operate, accurate and stable and reliable oxygen output. It is more durable than the electronic controller. It is more convenient for the elderly to adjust oxygen and oxygen concentration according to their needs.
Applicable people-suitable for short-term hypoxic people such as working, tired, memory loss elderly, students, workers, pregnant women and so on.
Negative oxygen ion function-The oxygen generator has a built-in negative oxygen ion generator, which continuously releases small-sized negative oxygen ions, so oxygen can simultaneously fill the negative oxygen ions needed by the human body.
Function-skin care, improve blood circulation, improve concentration, alertness and memory, strengthen the immune system, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, accelerate the recovery of the body after recovery, help relax, and naturally treat headaches, migraines and hangovers.
One machine with multiple functions-with atomization function, oxygen atomization one-button switch, can reduce oxygen and atomization without going out, thus saving the risk of cross-infection, saving time and energy.
Color: blue
Size: 30x29x50cm
Power supply: 220v 50hz
Input power: 120VA
Average sound pressure level: ≤50db (A)
Outlet pressure: 30kpa-60kpa
Oxygen concentration: ≥90%
Built-in multiple real-time warning systems for more peace of mind
a. Pressure alarm: The pressure is continuously lower than 20kpa or higher than 80kpa, the yellow light of the pressure status indicator flashes at 2Hz, and the digital tube pressure icon flashes at the project rate of 2Hz. There are sirens broadcast.
b. Low oxygen concentration alarm: The oxygen concentration lasts for 5s and is lower than 82% of the oxygen concentration. The indicator light flashes at a frequency of 2 Hz, and the oxygen tube of the digital tube flashes at a frequency of 2 Hz. And there is alarm audio broadcast.
c. Power failure alarm: When the mains power is cut off, the digital tube is completely extinguished. The power off state means that the red light flashes at a frequency of 1Hz, and the digital tube power off indicator icon flashes at a frequency of 1Hz, and there is an audio broadcast.
d. High temperature automatic shutdown protection

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