3L/5L English version Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Machine, high concentration does not attenuate

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5 increasing traffic, medical grade oxygen generator, can be used with ventilator high oxygen concentration to 93% + 3% no decay
A filling process, single-sided package molecular sieve process, continuously stabilizing oxygen, durable.
365 days x 24 hours uninterrupted oxygen supply, continuous oxygen, always provide healthy oxygen therapy to your family
Oxygen or oxygen + atomization + can be used with ventilator, you can atomize the drug at home
In real time monitoring suction concentration, intelligent alarm, let your family can withdraw oxygen
Product Name: Oxygenator (with inlet)
Net weight: 15 kg
Noise: ≤42 decibels
Oxygen concentration: ≥93% 3%
Oxygen flow: 5 liters / minute
Power: 330 volts
Volume: 33 * 26 * 54cm
Working system: 24 hours running continuous operation