3L Oxygen Concentrator For Elderly Oxygen Absorber Oxygen Therapy

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New lightweight design with Vientiane wheel, which can be easily moved, and the wheel can be locked to prevent accidental movement
4 major purification systems, primary filter felts, HEPA filter boxes, molecular sieves, negative ions, and oxygen are filtered in layers and then inhaled, bringing health to your life
Built-in atomization function, one-click conversion of oxygen atomization, easy operation, no assembly required, silent design, bring convenience to your life
The main functions are as follows: skin care, improve blood circulation, improve attention, alertness and memory, strengthen the immune system, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, accelerate body recovery after recovery, help relax, naturally treat headaches, migraine and the Hangover.
Applicable people: Suitable for short-term hypoxic people such as the elderly, students, workers, pregnant women, etc., who are busy with work, overwork, and memory loss.
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Product name: oxygen generator
Size: 400mm * 225mm * 400mm
Weight: 11KG
Input power: 250VA
Average sound pressure level: Flow: 3L ± 0.2L
Atomizing gas flow: no less than 10L
Pressure range: 70kpa ~ 170kpa
Maximum outlet pressure: 50kpa
Oxygen concentration:> 90%
Applicable people: middle-aged and elderly, children, pregnant women, adults, adolescents
Built-in multiple real-time warning system
1. Pressure alarm: If the pressure is lower than 20kpa or higher than 80kpa for 5s, the pressure status indicator yellow light flashes at 2HzW frequency, and the digital tube pressure icon flashes at 2Hz.
2. Low oxygen concentration alarm: the oxygen concentration is lower than 82% for 5s and the oxygen concentration status indicator flashes yellow at 2Hz;
3. Power-off alarm: When the mains power is lost, the digital tube is completely off, the red light of the power-off status indicator flashes at a detection rate of 1H, the digital power-off indicator icon flashes at a frequency of 1Hz, and there is an alarm audio broadcast
4. High temperature automatic shutdown protection
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