2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup Commemorative Edition Victory Glory Lucky Golden Ball

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1. The lucky golden ball is composed of 32 pure silver medals, and the surface of the silver medals is covered with gold color printing film. The ball bracket is an environmentally friendly plastic material. The diameter of the sphere is 135mm. The base is made of black piano paint.
2. The lucky golden ball adopts colorful gold craftsmanship, and the design materials are carefully polished one by one from the official authorization of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
3. The 32 medals contain World Cup mascots and elements of the main stadium of the game, which complement each other's commemorativeness and collection.
4. Innovative and dazzling craftsmanship, each medallion is exquisitely carved, with smooth embossed lines and delicate decoration. Special sealing process for longer preservation.
5. The sphere adopts a dazzling golden skeleton, which is beautiful and long-lasting. Strictly stitched, one piece inlaid. It is a lucky golden ball for strugglers.
Product Specifications:
Material: AG999
Specifications: 0.3g/piece*32
Sphere diameter 135mm
Base: 80mm*80mm*116mm