DEDAKJ 1L-7L adjustable, oxygen concentration is 91%±3%, meet more oxygen demand, send to India for free

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Large flow rate of 7L, oxygen concentration is higher and purer, oxygen concentration is 91%±3%, which can meet more oxygen demand
Support two people to breathe together, continuous oxygen supply for 48 hours
Intimate infrared remote control, can control a distance of about 18 meters, the elderly do not need to get up often, the prominent button design, can be controlled at will in the dark
High-performance shock absorption design reduces noise and makes oxygen supplement more comfortable
Negative oxygen ion air purification, you can enjoy natural fresh oxygen at home
Oxygen flow rate: 1-7 liters/min
Display control: HD LED touch screen
Applicable power supply: 220VAC / 50Hz
Control distance: 18 meters infrared remote control
Product net weight: 6Kg
Operation mode: continuous operation
Oxygen production method: pressure swing adsorption (PSA)
Product size: 340x1 80x310mm
Inhalation method: ear hook oxygen inhalation, nasal inhalation
Density adjustment: 7 levels
Rated power: 120VA
Negative ion output: adopts high frequency anion emitter