Haier ZY-5AW 5L Large-capacity Household Oxygen Concentrator can be used by two people

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Household Oxygen Supply 1-10L Flow Adjustable 95% Oxygen Concentration.After 10000 hours of use, the performance is still stable.
Equipped with double humidification cups,the oxygen is humid ,one set is equivalent to two 5L set.
Multiple Alarm System-Real Time Monitoring, Safety Protection
Equipped with a dedicated interface for atomization,oxygen generation and atomization are performed simultaneously
High- efficient adsorption,stable performance,provide ensurance for separating high-purity oxygen
Oxygen Flow Rate range:10L/Min(can be adjusted 1L-10L/min)
Oxygen concentration:93% ±3%(0-10L/min)
Noise Level:45dB
Outlet Pressure:20kPa-70kPa
Atmospheric pressure range:86kPa - 106kPa
ProductSize:39*37* 78cm
Package size:52*50*95cm
Rated Power:550W
Power Supply:AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
Alarm:filter-dirty alarm, power failure alarm, compressor overheating stopalarm,lowflowrate alarm,low purity alarm(less than 82%)
Operation and Function:Touch large LED screen operation, Intelligent voice broadcast,Romote control,Timed shutdown,Purity monitoring,Nebulization Function