AMONOY ZY-1J Portable Oxygen Concentrator Double 1-7L/min With Atomizing Oxygen Machine Oxygen Therapy

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▶The all-in-one oxygen atomization machine, micron atomization, can alleviate various upper and lower respiratory system problems. It can also be atomized at home to reduce the waiting time in hospital and reduce the risk of cross-infection.
▶The oxygen generator adopts three-dimensional sound insulation design, high-performance spring damping, and can be used normally during rest without being affected.
▶7L large flow is adjustable, supports dual oxygen inhalation, oxygen generation and atomization can be used at the same time, which is convenient for people of different physiques and makes it comfortable and convenient for different people to use.
▶The main functions are as follows: skin care, improve blood circulation, improve concentration, alertness and memory, strengthen the immune system, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, accelerate body recovery after recovery, help relax, and naturally treat headaches, migraines and hangovers.
▶Applicable crowd: Suitable for short-term hypoxic people such as the elderly, students, office workers, pregnant women, etc. who are busy with work, overwork, and memory loss.
A------ standard: touch screen display, timing function, 6-level filtering system
B-------upgrade: touch screen display, timing function, 7L large flow adjustable, 8-level filtration system, 48 hours of uninterrupted operation
C-------High configuration: large touch screen display, timing function, 7L large flow adjustable, 8-level filtration system, 48 hours of uninterrupted operation, atomization function

Name: Oxygen Generator
Size: 28x19.2x30cm
Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Power: 120W
Atmospheric pressure range: 860hpa-1060hpa
Waterproof rating: IPX0

The oxygen generator has a built-in 8-stage filtration system to improve the purity of oxygen layer by layer.
Intelligent timing and free setting of oxygen inhalation time, it will automatically stop at the point, even if you sleep, it will not be affected, reducing safety hazards.
The bottom of the oxygen concentrator is equipped with high-quality non-slip rubber pads, which is stable and stable..
The ergonomic handle on the top of the oxygen generator can be moved up and down, which is light and portable and more convenient to move.
However, the humidification cup is clear at a glance, and the current remaining water amount is always known to avoid the dryness and discomfort of the nasal cavity caused by the lack of water in the humidification cup.

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