Home Portable Oxygen Concentrator Double Touch Large Screen 1-7L Adjustable Atomizing Oxygen Absorbers

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▶Quiet operation: You can keep a quiet sleep at night, and provide oxygen for a long time, which is convenient for users to inhale oxygen for a long time.
▶ Wide range of uses: Portable oxygen is very suitable for real-time display of daily flow and time changes in travel and home.
▶1-7L oxygen flow adjustable concentration: 28% -90% (1L: 90% ± 3.2l: 83% ± 3,3L: 68% ± 3.4 L: 53% ± 3.5L: 433,7L% ± 28% ± 3).
▶Easy to use: only need a few buttons on the remote control and a touch screen, large LCD screen, soft light, easy to use, everyone can control the screen.
▶One machine for two purposes: Oxygen atomization design 2 and 1, you don't need a home atomizer, which saves time and reduces the risk of cross-infection. It is more suitable for the elderly at home (note that the same spray may be used for the same oxygen if it is not used).
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Name: Oxygen Generator
Size: 27.4x17.4x34.2cm
Input power: ≤150VA
Power supply: 220 volts, 50 Hz
Oxygen flow rate: 1-7L/min
Oxygen concentration: 0%-90%±3%
Average sound pressure: ≤60 decibels (A)
Output pressure: 20-70kpa

1. Before using oxygen, the water heating cup should not block the scale and affect the wet oxygen delivery.
2. During use, keep the oxygen generator above the obstacle or keep the radiating hole 25cm away from the wall open.
3. There is intermittent aeration sound when using the oxygen generator, which is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured to use it.

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