5/10L /min medical oxygen concentrator, 93% are not attenuated

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The oxygen flow is large, the oxygen concentration is high, the noise is very low, and the 5L-10 oxygen concentration is 93%, no attenuation.
Oxygen + atomization, multi-frame flow concentration can be adjusted to meet more people's oxygen absorption needs
52 decibel noise design, creating good comfortable sleep
Different molecular sieve cycle oxygen, oxygen concentration is high and stable
Can adjust the oxygen time according to your own oxygen
Machine net weight: 16kg
Product Name: Oxygenator
Dimensions: 380x330x600mm
Rated voltage: ~ 220 soil 10% v / 50 soil 1Hz
Oxygen flow: continuous adjustment within 0 ~ 10L / min
Rated power: 350 ~ 600W
Oxygen concentration: ≥90%
Display control: LED display
Handling method: 6 oxygen filtration
Oxygen output pressure: 40kpa-60kpa
Running noise: ≤52dB (a)
Other: Fault alarm function